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There were EDTA laden cleaners dumped weekly with high amounts of organics and fixture oil. 

Again, segregate and pretreat, then filter, discharge and de-water the sludge.


Operationally, it is important to provide redundant filtration ability.  DTW Systems always provides a stand-alone spare membrane train which allows cleaning and maintenance while the plant is in full production mode.

Plating facilities are the best in terms of different chemicals, processes and concentrations.  Most platers are job shops – the inlet stream constantly varies due to the product of the moment. 


For platers, segregation is the key.  And that 1st reaction tank needs to normalize the organics and oils from the various wash cycles prior to plating. 


This was a Midwest plater with one simple product.  The issues were buffing compounds and hexavalent chrome, as well as copper and  nickel.

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